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Women vs. Sex Dolls – Who is Better?

If you don’t own a sex doll, it explains why you are still pondering over this question. Those who have played around with one only wish they had made that positive decision earlier. It’s okay to take your time, as purchasing a mind-blowingly gorgeous sex doll is a big step up in your sex life. Once you get her, though, your life will change FOREVER – a lifelike, curvy, and do-all-you-want girl will never leave your mind and pants.

This article takes your hand and leads you through the reasons why you will never regret purchasing a sex doll (based on sex doll owners’ opinions, of course). Here we go:

Sex Dolls Are Pristine

You can argue all you want comparing sex dolls to women, but there is one undisputable fact – sex dolls are flawless. When you order a sex doll, sexdollxxx add your customization preferences and get her delivered to you in a virgin condition. This means no other men have ever laid their hands on her. She has only been packed and sent directly to you.

Isn’t it great to know that the first man she ever touches and pleases is you? Your sex doll explores your world with you and adjusts accordingly to blend in with it.

Apart from being the girl of your dreams, she will never risk your health. Having only one partner, she can’t catch or transmit any STIs. At the same time, you won’t have to worry about protection. That’s quite a money-saving pro of having a sex doll.

Moreover, your sex doll is kinda your possession – she won’t escape, won’t complain…and won’t cheat on you! She requires the bare minimum from you – to clean and disinfect her after every use. And even if you sometimes forget to wash her, she won’t get mad (but we strongly advise against neglecting hygiene rules).

Sex Dolls Require the Bare Minimum from You

We have touched upon how much attention sex dolls need from you – and, in fact, close to none. Once you buy a sex doll, there are no mandatory additional costs. Obviously, you are free to spend a fortune on clothes, accessories, and lube – but those are rather long-term spending. Some men, on the other hand, prefer to see their sex dolls butt naked, and it is also okay.

You should clean your doll after sex – for that, soap and lukewarm water are enough. You aren’t required to purchase any special liquids. sexdollxxx offer durable and lifelike sex dolls that will last you for years, provided you take care of them.

If we compare the endless flowers, drinks, and dinners you have to pay to get laid, the total price you pay for sex dolls is quite inexpensive (and you get laid more often).


Sex Dolls Are There When You Need Them

Having an overly attached girlfriend who wants your attention 24/7 is hard, to say the least. The questions and non-stop calls are also difficult to handle when you want to spend some time alone.

Overreaction and mood swings are probably the worst, especially when you start a quarrel in public.

If you are fed up with your girlfriend bossing you around, you will have peace of mind with a sex doll. She will sit on your lap, sofa, or armchair and wait for you calmly. She isn’t picky, nor does she ever have a headache. When you are busy, she will be silent as a mouse; but when you need a partner to talk to, she will attentively listen to you.

Your future sex doll will become your life partner but will also be anyone you want her to be in bed with. Women may be stubborn to experiment or satisfy you in a way you desire. That is why so many men find it comfortable and non-problematic to get sexual with love dolls. For some, it may be shameful to ask to try something new in bed – however, dolls are always very attentive and understanding of your lust.

Sex Dolls Are Unconditionally Faithful

Your sex doll is like a lovebird; she will love you even if you decide to purchase another sex doll or try your chance with a woman. She will always be by your side to please you when you want it.

Per her physical limitation, she can’t leave you unless she is stolen. Thus, you can completely trust her. It’s unnecessary to expect betrayal as your love doll is yours and yours only. In fact, you have chosen her, and she couldn’t be more grateful to devote her undivided attention to you.

If you struggle with building trust because of betrayal, you will feel relieved to have a sex doll by your side. There might not be a more appreciative female than her.

Sex Dolls Are Capable of Unimaginable Positions

Yes, you’ve read it correctly. Unlike women, sex dolls are incredibly flexible. Moreover, you can pay extra to have your love partner even more elastic. If you don’t have a chance to experiment in bed with your ex, sex with a love doll will blow your mind.

Although you do need to be careful not to damage your sex doll, some models can be put in ‘unnatural’ positions. Depending on the manufacturer, you can also satisfy your wildest dreams with your love doll in the shower.

From an emotional perspective, sex dolls don’t judge – they go along with anything you offer. Be it bondage, temperature play, or role-playing. You may need to spend some money on the preparation, but it shouldn’t be an issue or such a worthy cause.


Sex Dolls Don’t Steal

Sex dolls have flexible bodies and personalities. They are there when you need them, but you can also hide them away if you need to focus. Women can be annoying and demanding when you need to get some work done or run some errands. In contrast, sex dolls will not steal your personal time.

You can go meet your friends and family, and your love doll won’t mind you coming home late at night.

Another valid point why sex dolls are simply amazing is that they won’t steal from you. When you are in a relationship, your partner may repossess your things, your sweater, blanket, books, etc.

Well, you won’t expect the same from a sex doll. She doesn’t invade your private space and doesn’t leave with half of it, either. In addition to that, she doesn’t make you do what you hate the most. All in all, your comfort zone is left untouched.

Sex Dolls for All Tastes and Preferences

Sex dolls come in limitless varieties and customization options. Whichever shape and size you are looking for can be found at sexdollxxx.

What if you are looking for a black and curvy BBW elf with huge eyes, just like Elanor has, or a girl with a petite body but bouncy boobies similar to Juliet’s.

All of it, and more, is feasible with love dolls because they are tailored to love you and please you. You can switch from a Japanese doll to Latina and vice versa. One night you may feel the urge to sleep with a blonde, while the next day, you may be horny for a redhead.

The same would be impossible to find in real life.

Are Sex Dolls Better Than Women?

Sex dolls are versatile, flexible, and emotionally stable. So, yes, they do have lots of advantages over women. And if there is something you think your sex doll may lack, there is always an easy solution.

If you feel like sex dolls aren’t the best companions to talk to – get a doll with mimicking features. She will smile and get curious and appear the best attentive listener you’ve ever had.

If you want a sex doll who will interact with you during sex – invest in a love doll with a moaning sound. This way, she will express her joy while you are riding her.

Some men like to have dolls’ skin warm – an easy fix is to order a sex doll with built-in heating.

In short, there are many things you aren’t forced to do with a woman. You don’t have to waste your time doing what doesn’t bring you joy. You don’t have to spend a lot of money and time on pleasing a girl when you haven’t been satisfied yet. And you don’t have to be committed if you aren’t ready. Sex dolls feel like sexual freedom – you have fun, play around, and experiment with them.

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