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65cm to 80cm Sex Doll – Cheapest Smallest Full Body Sex Doll

The smallest height range of a full-size sex doll is 65cm to 80cm. Even with its small nature, it contains all features of a real sex doll. We have a collection of very popular girl sex dolls ranging from 65cm, 80cm, 88cm, etc. What is more? You also can experience lifelike sex at a cheap price as low as $199.

Learn more about 65cm to 80cm Sex Doll

What is a 65cm to 80cm Sex Doll?
65cm to 80cm sex dolls is smaller than 100cm dolls. However, if you’re looking for a 100cm doll, you can shop at ainodolls too. We collect the sexiest and smallest sex dolls available. They include:

  • 60cm sex doll: The 60cm doll is the smallest on the shelve. Like other dolls, it has penetrable holes and can bring you as much satisfaction as possible. Although she looks as small as a kid, the doll is by no means affiliated with child abuse rather it is simply a toy. All ainodoll are fictional and imaginary characters and so do not resemble anyone’s actual image.
  • 65cm sex doll: This height gives a 3-way pleasure, the anus, the pussy, and the mouth for oral sex, hence it is the most popular among the smallest sex dolls.

The 65cm dolls are not heavy, they are petite and you can carry them about effortlessly. So if you are a tourist or you constantly move from one place to the other, this is the perfect size for you.

  • 68cm sex doll: ainodolls also has sex dolls of this size with penetrable holes and these sex dolls are born out of imaginative characters.
  • 75cm sex doll: This size resembles that of a little girl. However, it is only a doll borne out of fantasy so you need not worry about moral and legal violations. If you are looking to get a mind-blowing sexual experience from masturbation, get a 75cm doll.
  • 80cm sex doll: 80cm dolls have become the most famous in the market. They denote anime characters with their huge eyes and soft boobs. If you are interested in hentai sex, then you get an 80cm sex doll from ainodoll. To get the most out of this, watch a hentai story while fucking your doll girl and experience the greatest orgasm of your life.
  • 88cm sex doll: Though closer to 100cm, they are lighter compared to the 100cm doll. You can turn and move your doll into different positions for your utmost satisfaction. Because it is light weighted, you can place her on your dick effortlessly.

Note that these small tools ranging from 65-80cm dolls come in both full-size little sex dolls or half-body sex dolls. So choose from our varied collection and place your order.
Advantages of ainodoll’s 65cm to 80cm Sex Doll
Getting a small sex doll from ainodoll comes with a lot of benefits including:

  • Cheap and affordable price: When you get a doll from us, you get the highest quality at the least price possible.
  • Lightweight: The weight of these sex dolls makes them convenient to transport and travel with. So when getting a sex doll you should consider which size and weight are most convenient for you.
  • Small size: You might want to be very discreet about storing your sex dolls. Some people find it awkward and may not want anyone else to see it. If that is your situation, then get these small-sized sex dolls as they are petite and very easy to put away or store.
  • Three-way penetration: These small dolls have lifelike pussy for penetration, the anus for anal sex, and the mouth for oral sex.

Is this your first time using or wanting to use a sex doll? Would you like to collect a variety of them? You can choose between our 65-80cm collection of sexual goodness. The sweet part? You can get as many as you want because it is very cheap and does not take up much storage space. We also have a return policy to help you not to lose so much if it is not suitable for you.
Go to the ainodolls website today. Browse through and place an order. We guarantee swift delivery and 100% discreet packaging.

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