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2B Sex Doll

Our Chinese brand has produced a realistic sex doll that is soft to the touch and incredibly lifelike. Much like the rest of our products. The latest formula is used to maintain the doll’s realism while minimizing oil output. This makes it feel like a real person. Hence, you can enjoy intimate moments with your doll and keep it clean, thanks to easy maintenance.

The dolls come with semi-permanent makeup. This makeup is applied by professional makeup artists. The makeup includes eyebrows and eyelashes that can be removed as needed. This ensures a more natural look. To remove the makeup, you can simply use our 2B Sex Doll makeup and stain remover products. In addition, you can also use other stain removal products such as acetone.
Our dolls also feature a 3D realistic internal structure for a more immersive experience. They are packaged and shipped to you in an unmarked box for discretion. Most dolls have three functional areas (mouth, vagina, anus). However, if your doll does not feature an oral passage, you can contact us, and we will design a custom sex doll that focuses on your preferences. Thus, you can expect a sex doll that is perfect for your needs.
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