We accept the modes of payment stated below :



Then Your credit card or debit card has a problem, Maybe (such as the card being disabled, the amount exceeding, an expired card, or an invalid card). Your debit card or credit card’s foreign transactions may be having trouble. Your problems using your credit or debit card for international purchases (Ensure that customers are permitted to purchase by credit cards and debit cards from overseas retailers online) There is also a problem with the source of PayPal money if you get receipt difficulties after placing a PayPal order.
It may be that Data about debit/credit cards or billing addresses does not correspond to what the bank has on file.

If the billing address provided differs from the information in their records, such as inaccurate account or billing information (billing zip code, card number, expiration date, CVV/CVC), the cardholder’s spending habits, a payment that has not been authorized by the cardholder, or an expired credit card, the credit card issuer may refuse to process the fee. The payment processor rejected the payment due to card verification checks or an anti-fraud billing address. In all instances, the fees are merely in the awaiting stage and have not yet been delivered . The funds will be refused or returned right away to your account within a few days because the processor hasn’t finished processing the transaction.

Depending on the nation you are based in, you must speak with your bank to verify the credit card account limits before approving your credit card for online, cross-border, or international purchases.
Please confirm that the payment card information you have supplied accurately matches your billing address by double-checking it. If this is the case, you can contact your bank for additional support.


Depending on the nation you are in, you might need to get in touch with your bank to ask them to approve your credit card for online, domestic, or international transfers.
If your PayPal account is not processing your payment or if your card is still not working, try these things:
If none of these issues exist, please get in touch with us and provide your name, email address, order number (if applicable), screenshots of any errors, and error notifications. We will verify the data and support you as you continue with the order.
Last but not least, keep in mind that you should be able to gather complete facts for any successful or unsuccessful transaction from your bank. If a payment fails, don’t be afraid to phone your bank or get in touch with us.
If you can’t find our response, please look in your spam or trash folders. or see ALL MAIL. Several people have systems that discourage us from responding to messages or have blocked messages. You might not have received our response if your mailbox is full and you don’t have enough email disc capacity to receive new messages.
Note the following:


We use Silicone or TPE according to medical standards. These two fabrics seem clean, soft to the touch, realistic, and like a real person. Due to the elastic and adaptable nature of these materials, they are quite durable for long-term use. TPE is a lighter and more cost-effective material than silicone, despite silicone being more lifelike and somewhat more hygienic. There is a proverbial adage among owners of sex dolls that silicone looks great but TPE feels better. When treated properly, they can last for many years, and plastic dolls can live for many decades. Combining the two is also possible with our widely used TPE body and Silicone head. As a result, consumers are encouraged to get the best of both worlds for less money than full silicone dolls.
Where it lacks emotion, it makes up for sensation. A sex doll will very probably provide the sexual pleasure that is comparable to that of a real person. Sex dolls are flexible and may be twisted and left almost anywhere for hours. The vagina may open up or close in response to where the legs are located. The options are nearly unlimited, and you can accomplish almost anything. However, the type of doll, the planning, the lubrication, the positions, or other factors like the bed or the location of the sex will still affect how nice it feels.
For the finest experience, we advise using sex doll furniture, such as sex swings or inflated cushions. Regarding the appearance or sound of the genitalia, there is a reason why they are referred to as realistic sex dolls.


The following rules are exclusive to TPE dolls: