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All you need to know about Sex Doll Torso

Getting a sex doll torso saves the cost of masturbation. These torso sex toys have gained even more popularity over the years as the use of sex dolls is on the increase. Torso sex dolls are portable and much easier to store hence the increasing demand by both male and female customers.
Ainodolls provides you with a wide variety of sex dolls to choose from to have an enjoyable sexual experience.

Sex doll torso

The torso sex doll is exactly what it sounds like; it encompasses the various heights and weights of a full-size sex doll. The average sex torso is less than 100 cm long and weighs about 5 to 20 kg. While some only have an ass and a vagina, others may have legs, a chest, or even a head. It comes in a smaller container but performs the same excellent function as the full-size sex doll!

Even different genders can be assigned to the sex torso doll. Here you can find a man torso sex doll, a female torso sex doll, and, more intriguingly, a shemale torso sex doll.

The material used in the production of torso sex dolls is TPE material which is, a soft, flexible, and long-lasting material.

The majority of sex dolls’ torsos are made of TPR material, which is subtle on the skin and flexible, soft, strong, and durable. A silicone sex doll torso, however, is more lifelike and has a longer lifespan but you need to have a larger budget to purchase it…

Types of Torso sex dolls available at AinoDoll

Torso sex toys are sculptured in a variety of designs. These sex torsos are gorgeous. They not only have realistic Areolar and genitalia, but also proper contours and silhouettes. To experience unparalleled sexual pleasure, purchase a torso doll today.

  • Female torso sex dolls: The majority of sex torso dolls are of this kind. This sex torso resembles a half-female human. It is sculptured without limbs and a head but has realistic-looking breasts, pussy, and anus. There are countless requirements for both size and weight. For instance, a 25kg 1:1 female sex torso is available. A maybe 3.75kg little micro version is also available. One of the best male sex torsos is this one. The female torso doll is popular among guys for masturbating. Additionally, some couples purchase this torso doll to use in threesome sex games.
  • Male Torso sex dolls: This is a man-like sex torso, as the name would imply. Typically, this man’s sex torso has a sizable, realistic penis. In other words, it was truly created to fit half of a real-life male’s body. Interestingly, Testicular balls that could glide were even invented with the advancement in technology. This torso dildo is primarily intended for gay or lesbian sex between women. To experience true riding sex, most ladies purchase male torso sex toys. To engage in a threesome sex game, many couples are eager to get a half-torso sex doll with a dildo, as a survey that was initially carried out indicated. Its cock has an authentic, actual, like-like feel. Additionally, it is always upright just like a man having an erection. And even better, the foundation stabilizes the body. So if you truly enjoy having sex while riding, this is the one for you.
  • Sex doll torso with a head: This is a great design for a sex doll torso. As you can see, these torso dolls have lifelike sex doll heads. It also has big tits, pussy, and anus hole. But it has no limbs. Usually, this look is almost indistinguishable from a full-size sex doll. But it’s easier to store and care for. So if you’re on a budget and want to experience more real sex, then it’s your go-to. What is more? it has a penetrable mouth therefore you can enjoy oral sex.
  • Big booty sex toy: Do you like doggy-style sex positions? I’m sure you do because this is almost everyone’s favorite. Because that way you can penetrate deeper. Our big-ass masturbator is designed for this kind of sex. The big booty sex toys have two lifelike sex holes; the anus and the vagina. With the aid of the separate channels, one can feel a euphoric suction when the dick is stuck in.
  • Silicone torso sex dolls: This is a sex torso made from premium silicone. This material torso doll is heat resistant and durable. However, it is more expensive than the others due to its realistic look.
  • Shemale torso sex toy: Have you ever encountered a Thai woman? That’s correct, many individuals adore trans sex. Well, the major inspiration for these shemale torso sex toys came from she-males. It has two lifelike huge tits as well as lifelike genitalia. Add bisexual sex to your sex life if you enjoy it. You’ll have increased sex gratification. “12.1LB Shemale Torso Sex Toy With Dildo” is among the best-known.Legs like a doll. Some people could enjoy the legs of ladies. Fetishes will benefit from this. Typically, a woman’s two legs make up this kind of sex torso. While some are the 1:1, others are the legs of young girls. These sex doll legs do, however, have a lifelike anus and vaginal holes. And the buttocks on these sex torso legs are supple and juicy.
  • Sex torso with boobs and doll feet: These two kinds are quite uncommon. Pussy and anus are primarily shown on the feet of sex dolls. It largely meets the desires of foot fetishists. And two full tits on the sex torso with boobs are fashioned with a pussy and anus hole. Enjoy stimulating large tits while penetrating genitals and engaging in intense tits fuck.

How does using the torso sex doll from Ainodoll feel?

Maybe this is a question that everyone who purchases a love doll torso has. Purchasing a sex doll torso from ainodoll will give you a highly authentic sex experience. The following qualities mostly represent the feeling of reality.

  • Genital sex: There is a realistic pussy hole in every sex torso. The torso of ainodoll has a very realistic interior texture in addition to a very accurate vaginal form. Even the vagina has a suction feature in some larger sex doll body sizes. You can experience warm, moist vaginal intercourse if you have access to a USB heater and warm water. You will be able to engage in actual vaginal intercourse, to put it briefly.
  • Phallic Sex: Anal intercourse that is tight is popular. You may get a torso doll with a realistic anus hole at ainodoll. As you can see, these sex torso’s anus holes feature realistic textures. Additionally, the inner channel is created with realistic particle veins. That makes resistance stronger. That makes resistance stronger. Venous resistance causes pressure and irritability as you penetrate.
  • Sexy boobs: Big tits are a common fantasy for males. The female sex torso on ainodoll has exceptionally smooth and luscious tits. You can tell it’s real when you touch her tits. Your guy can swim on two large boobs if you put some lubrication on her tits. Of course, you can also penetrate its pussy or anus while holding its two tits. Its tits are quite flexible. You will adore it when you have sex with it because of its floppy tits.
  • Sex riding: You might enjoy riding a dildo if you’re a woman. Considering that it can be inserted further. What about G-spot stimulation? Then try the torso dildo from ainodoll. These lifelike man torsos with large dildos are fantastic possibilities for riding sex. It is firmly planted on the ground as you ride. Do you enjoy riding on women, or men? After that, ride a big-ass sex toy. You can experience authentic riding girl sex in this method.
  • Transgender sex: Some people find new excitement in trans sex. Thai ladyboys appear quite seductive. The shemale sex torso from ainodoll is unquestionably the ideal option for experiencing bisexual sex in that case. On a huge dick, you can play with big tits. What a fun method to have sex.
  • Three-person sex: Have you talked to your sex partner about “3P” sex? However, you have been hesitant to let outsiders into your sex life. Then pick ainodoll’s love doll torso. The best threesome sex choice is undoubtedly this one.

How can I get the greatest torso for a sex doll?

Do you intend to purchase a lifelike sex doll torso to satisfy your sexual desires? Think about these few things you purchase a sex doll. A sex doll torso can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to purchase, as you are aware. Take into account the following elements to prevent disappointment or regret.

  • Purchase from reputable online retailers: It is not advisable to purchase a sex torso toy from Amazon, eBay, or AliExpress. since these sites do not have sex torsos in all styles. And the majority of the reviews on these websites are false. Even though these websites may be safer, the third-party vendors on them are all weak, independent sellers. Additionally, ainodoll offers a variety of love doll torso designs. and safe payment, and privacy bundle.
  • Organize your finances: If money is available, purchase a greater-size torso doll. If you don’t have the money, you might want to think about getting a smaller torso.
  • Material: The two main components used to create sex doll torsos are silicone and TPE. As everyone is aware, a silicone sex doll’s torso is durable and resistant to heat. However, the price is high. Stretchable TPE is a material. And the cost is lower.
  • Weight and size: Decide whether you want a tiny sex doll torso or a full-body sex torso. That’s significant.
  • Shape: When having sex, you should consider what sort of breasts you prefer. Large, medium, or small? What size waist should your ideal body have? Which butt size should you choose—a large butt or a medium butt? Do you favor transgender sex? Next, pick a shemale torso.

Why opt for ainodoll?

Huge Torso Collection of Sex Dolls
More than 60 distinct kinds of sex doll torsos are available from us. Every taste can be satisfied, from gigantic ass toys to half torsos with heads and even some shemale torsos. With so many styles to select from and prices ranging from $59 to $659 for materials like silicone and TPR, anything is possible!

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