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Sex dolls are available in many sizes, just like everything else. Online small sex doll retailers include These are love dolls that are between 5 and 20 kg in weight and less than 100 cm tall.


In actuality, the only features that still separate a 65cm doll from a blow-up doll are height and weight.

  • Variety of types: Kelly, Judith, etc. are your finest options if you prefer flat-breast dolls; if you prefer blonde bunnies, Donna is a possibility. There are many different kinds of Japanese dolls and Chinese dolls if those are your preferences. It’s also a wise choice to bring a blonde doll home.
  • Little size: The biggest argument in favor of purchasing a 65cm sex doll is its tiny size. Their diminutive size makes them incredibly portable, and it also makes it possible to conduct some difficult sex acts with the doll without tiring oneself out.
  • Portability: Many men have turned to sex dolls after numerous tragic encounters with women, some of whom choose to keep their love doll affair covert. Consequently, you can keep your sex dolls in a bag or closet. She is small enough to fit comfortably in your travel bag, so you may bring her with you even on business travels.
  • Low cost: If you have a tight budget, the 65cm sex doll’s pricing is unquestionably within reach. The price of miniature sex dolls is roughly half that of full-size dolls. Fewer materials and money are needed to make the 65cm small sex doll. For individuals who want to acquire a sex doll but are not willing to invest a lot of money, they may therefore be ideal.
  • Beginner’s Start: For people with no prior experience with dolls, 65cm sex dolls are the best option. They are versatile and simple to utilize. They are therefore ideal for newcomers until they finally decide to go all in and get a full-size love doll.

Owners of sex dolls acknowledge that even months after receiving their purchases, they are compelled to make another purchase. Mini dolls are the best option if you plan to purchase numerous sex dolls. Having many 65cm sex dolls is affordable because mini dolls are typically half as expensive as full-size dolls.


First, pay close attention to the small 65cm sex doll’s proportions. Before you decide to purchase a little mini sex doll, it’s crucial to understand that they lack a mouth and anal apertures. They only have a completely developed and attractive vagina for typical intercourse because of their modest stature.

Secondly, it is important to note that our 65cm dolls come in an assortment of styles such as animated sex dolls and realistic sex dolls.
If you have certain chest requirements, we have a variety of them ranging from 65cm flat-chested dolls, 65cm small boobs dolls, and 65cm huge-breasted dolls. In terms of materials used, you can choose from either our 65cm TPE sex dolls or the silicone sex dolls. Sex dolls occasionally display ethnic traits. For instance, most Americans would rather have 65cm black sex dolls with African features. Besides a black sex doll, you can also have 65cm Japanese sex dolls, 65cm Asian sex dolls, and 65 American sex dolls. What’s more? You have the opportunity to request a customized sex doll and we will gladly oblige and even meet your expectations. However, note that this might take up to 7 days to produce, but rest assured, it’ll be worth every time spent.
So contact us via our email if you have any questions before getting a sex doll from us.

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