Ainodoll is dedicated to locating trustworthy and reasonably priced doll producers. Ainodoll is the finest option if you’re trying to locate respectable and reasonably priced retailers.

After the doll is made, it is thoroughly examined to make sure it lives up to your highest expectations. This image shows the facility from which your doll is sent. If you can’t find a doll you like, you can contact us by online chat or email

Please take note that the dolls in these pictures have both paid-for and free feature options. The features you select could change how your doll looks.
There will soon be more images updated each month!
Before placing an order, you might like to look at additional unedited images of actual sex dolls. For your review, we’ve included pictures of sex dolls right out of the factory. These pictures were taken in the factory after the work was over, and we picked out the prettier ones. Although the location and lighting are not perfect, these are the most accurate pictures that can be of use to you.
Please be aware that after placing your order, we will email you the factory photo once the sex doll is created if you want to view it before the doll is dispatched.