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How To Clean A Sex Doll? Step By Step

Cleaning sex doll is key for extending the life of sex dolls. Fortunately, you now have your own sex doll. Now learn more about how to clean a sex doll. At the aimdoll, you can buy your best tiny sex dolls and learn more about sex dolls.

Preparation Items For Cleaning Sex Doll

To properly clean your doll, the following basic clean sex doll tools must be included in your cleaning kit:

  • Lubricant applicator
  • Sulfate-Free
  • Soap/Mild Liquid
  • Soft cloth or sponge
  • Dry soft towel
  • Powder
  • Paint
  • Sex doll washing machine
  • Dry stick
  • Baby oil
  • Vaseline

How Often Should You Clean Your Sex Doll?

The cleanliness of your sex doll is as important as your own hygiene. You put your genitals inside her; let her touch you, touch her yourself. You can imagine how the bacteria growing in her body could affect your own health. It is highly recommended that you clean your sex doll as soon as you bring it home and consider starting your sex with her. Then make a routine of cleaning once a month since you’re with her less often. Otherwise, clean their openings and wash them thoroughly after each sexual activity.

Regular Cleaning

In addition to the above cleaning habits, you must also oil your doll at least three times a year. No more than four times per year. You’ll notice high-stress areas like knees and openings need some conditioning, so apply a small amount of petroleum jelly when needed. If you plan to store her for a long time, spread cornstarch on your sex doll.

Five expert tips for removing sex dolls from all kinds of germs

  1. Sex dolls with two vaginal options: one with a fixed vagina and one with a removable vagina. Choose sex dolls with removable vaginas as they are super easy to clean.
  2. If the vagina of the sex doll is fixed, use a fan or insert a tampon to dry it from the inside.
  3. Use a high-quality condom during intercourse to avoid fluid spillage.
  4. Hang up your doll or let her lie down while applying powder or oil.
  5. For surface cleaning, a small spray bottle with a 1:5 ratio of soap to water is fine.


When cleaning up sex dolls, there are a few important things to be aware of. You should not submerge her head in the water at any time during the cleaning process. Most importantly, it causes bones to rust. Also, never use abrasive soaps or harsh cleaning cloths to avoid damaging her skin. Putting too much pressure on the skin or bone can deform her – be careful. After cleaning the doll, never use a hair dryer or any heated object to dry her. Use a drying stick in the cavity and let the surface dry on its own. Avoid using perfume, baby wipes, silicone-based lubricants, or any other type of solvent on your body.

How To Clean Sex Dolls?

Simple And Fast Cleaning

As mentioned before, if you don’t want to give her a bath every time, you have to clean your doll after every sexual activity and at least clean the sex doll’s cavities. Avoiding this can provide a dark, moist breeding ground for bacteria. For a quick cleanup, first, fill the enema ball with water and body wash or soap in the proportions above. The bulb is then squeezed, creating a spray of pressure within these cavities. This pressurized spray flushes all sperm and fluid from her vagina, mouth and anus.

Careful Cleaning Guidelines

Remove sex doll wigs and clean separately. If the vagina is detachable, remove it too and soak it in antibacterial warm soapy water and dry it thoroughly. Step by step as follows.

Clean up any excess lubricant, body fluids, or spills with a soft towel.

It is safe and effective to put your sexual partner on a towel and sprinkle it on the doll using a nozzle spray bottle with a mixture of water and sulfate-free soap. However, if you are confident in your handling, you can hold her like a real girl and enjoy playing with her in the water.

Gently massage the doll's skin with your hands or a clean, soft sponge.

Make sure that her neck, head, feet, and other parts that can touch the metal frame don’t get wet.

After massaging her soft body, wipe the soapy water off her body with a spray bottle and a towel. You can also give her a bath, but still be careful with her skeleton.

Then go to the sex hole of the doll.

All three openings, the vagina, anus, and mouth, will be cleaned as they experience more intimacy; are more likely to breed bacteria, and have a better ability to spread them to you.

Use a sex doll washer with a pressure nozzle to spray it into the opening. Position your doll so that the water flows from the opening. These doll washers reach all open areas and ensure deep cleaning.

Fill the washer again with clean water and continue spraying until you are sure there is no lube or sperm in the cavity.

How To Clean The Face Of Love Dolls?

  • Remove the sex doll head from the body
  • If possible, remove the wig.
  • Apply warm antibacterial agent Gently massage face with a sponge or cotton cloth moistened with soapy water.
  • Please note: Makeup is semi-permanent and may fade or be removed with mineral oil, so it is best to avoid excessive cleaning or rubbing to preserve the longevity of your make-up.
  • Be careful not to damage your eyes and lashes and avoid getting these areas wet.
  • If you want to remove your eyes before cleaning, you can remove them from the front by gently pulling open the sockets, taking care not to damage the lashes.
  • Gently pat face with a dry, non-abrasive cloth, allowing to air dry before reapplying to the body.

How To Clean Sex Holes?

  • To clean the vagina/anus/mouth, it is recommended to use a water douche to spray water into the opening and let the water flow out of the opening. If you don’t have a water flusher, but with the shower head LOW and gentle mode, you can use the shower hose attachment.
  • Alternatively, you can simply clean by hand with warm soapy water using a damp (soft) cloth. Make sure to clean thoroughly, reaching all areas of the opening.
  • You can also clean the opening of the doll with your hands or a small sponge in the shower or bath
  • Use all cleaning methods – let your doll’s legs spread slightly, leave the vagina and anus open to the air, and dry naturally. Don’t let your doll’s legs spread too far apart, as this can cause damage over time.
  • Once the doll is completely dry, apply a small amount of Vaseline to the love hole.

How To Clean The Sex Doll Wig?

  • Remove wigs from the sex doll’s head before cleaning sex doll wigs.
  • It’s a good idea to brush the wig first and then start cleaning from the ends.
  • It’s easiest to clean in a small washbasin, and even a bath is great if you have long hair.
  • Fill a washbasin with cold water, then add a dime-sized amount of soap to create a mini “bubble bath” for the wig. Sulfate-free shampoos are the best.
  • You need to use cold water or you may lose hairstyles such as curls.
  • Dip the wig in the water and stir gently, then soak for about 5 minutes.
  • Drain the sink and rinse gently from the top until the water runs clear – no air bubbles.
  • It is recommended to comb the hair directly after cleaning and allow the wig to air dry on the wig stand. Any curls/style will bounce back.
  • Don’t let the wig dry out on the doll’s head.

Steps To Dry The Sex Doll

It is important to dry your doll.

  • Pat dry with a clean soft cotton cloth and allow the skin to air dry completely.
  • Once dry, you can apply a little powder to the body of the doll as it will prevent damage from friction.
  • Do not overuse the powder as it will be very drying and suck out the grease from the TPE. No need for frequent flouring.
  • Many people recommend using petroleum jelly in the orifice as a protective measure and as a lubricant.

Proper Storage Of Sex Dolls Is Important

After cleaning the sex doll, you need to store your sex doll carefully. That’s very important for extending the life of sex dolls. The following are the specific steps.

  • Avoid storing the doll in direct sunlight, which may cause damage and discoloration.
  • Store the doll in a room temperature, dry environment. Avoid bathrooms/garages or other storage areas that can become damp or prone to mold.
  • Do not leave the doll on artificial or dyed materials for extended periods of time, including leather sofas or dark clothing.
  • Keep dolls away from open flames.
  • Avoid leaving the doll in difficult positions for extended periods of time, the skin may be stretched and damaged or even cracked if not returned to its natural position after use. Nature is considered to lie like boxing.
  • Recommend the following options; store dolls lying flat in a sex doll storage box or original box, standing (with support such as pillows on their backs against the wall) for some dolls that are not too plump or lying in bed Memory foam mattress available.
  • When carrying or moving a doll, be sure to follow the general rules for heavy lifting: keep your back straight and your knees and hips bent.
  • A sex doll is easiest to move when it was held vertically. Recommend wrapping your arms around the doll’s waist in a “bear hug” position.
  • Do not lift the doll with any limbs or head, always hold the body.
  • Don’t go over your shoulders as you may be putting pressure on the “spine”.

Don't Do Something To Your Sex Doll

  • Never allow TPE to come in contact with the silicone. Chemical reactions can cause it to degrade.
  • If you own both silicone dolls and TPE dolls, you should store them separately.
  • Direct exposure to sunlight can damage the doll’s skin and dry it out.
  • Sex dolls are fragile and very expensive, so treat them accordingly.

You can choose whether to leave your love doll naked or clothed. If you prefer to dress up your doll to satisfy some of your wildest fantasies, keep in mind that certain types of clothing can damage your doll.

  • Denim and wool can make your doll less shiny and make it porous.
  • Inexpensive clothing with darker pigments can color the doll’s skin. Be sure to wash these clothes before placing them on the sex doll.
If you’ve already decided to buy a sex doll, recommend that you buy quality clothes for her as well.

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Clean Sex Dolls Video Guide (Detailed Steps)


Before and after each use, you should clean the sex doll carefully. It is key for last the sex doll lifetime. And it is also good for your health. You can buy the best cheap little sex dolls at you can learn more about sex doll information here.

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