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How To Put Makeup On Your Sex Doll?

Can I apply makeup to my sex doll? Usually yes! A sex doll is actually a small investment. If you want, keep her beauty and charm and let the investment hold its value. she and not him? Some will wonder. Does your life size muscular male sex doll need makeup?

How? Come and learn some techniques to add beauty to your love doll!


The doll makeup is generally semi-permanent or permanent . It is made by special technology and will not fall off under normal circumstances. It will gradually fade and thin with the constant rubbing and use of the doll’s owner.

The makeup of many silicone love dolls from well-known doll brands is permanent. You don’t need to do extra makeup at all.

The makeup of the TPE love doll may require more careful care from you.

If you’re a makeup noob, that can be daunting. Actually, after careful research, complete your creation. You’ll sigh that it’s fun. This is quite an achievement!

Let’s start with some basics first!


In fact, most of the items used for human makeup can be used for real life TPE sex doll makeup.
Please have the following tools ready before applying makeup to your sex doll. You can also watch some makeup tutorial videos on YouTube. Be better prepared!

  1. Eyeshadow Palette
  2. Eyeliner
  3. Eyebrow pencil
  4. False eyelashes
  5. Nail polish
  6. Loose powder
  7. Brush Kit
  8. Lipstick
  9. Wigs
  10. Baby Oil

All the tools used in this tutorial can be easily found on Ebay and Amazon or online retail stores.


  • If your sex doll head is removable, be sure to remove it before applying makeup.
  • Remove the wig before applying makeup to the sex doll. Or tie it up so it doesn’t interfere with makeup.
  • Avoid fluffy cotton pads. Cotton fibers may remain on the face after applying makeup.
  • Avoid using liquid or oil-based eyeliners. It looks very messy after use.
  • Avoid liquid foundations, they can soak into the inside of the TPE.


  • Avoid using regular makeup removers.
  • Do not use alcohol or harsh chemicals to remove makeup. Such as nail polish remover, bleach or turpentine.
  • Makeup can be wiped off with baby oil


Before applying makeup to your sex doll, apply baby oil to a premium paper towel to remove makeup. Baby oil works great as a makeup remover.

Use a loose powder brush to lightly apply baby powder to the sex doll’s face to matte and flatten the doll’s face. This prevents stickiness that can occur when removing makeup.

Below are the simple steps to make up.


Foundation is the foundation of makeup, and it looks soft and natural when applied to the face.

Use a loose powder brush to dip the loose powder, apply it on the face, and let the powder evenly cover the whole

Finally, from top to bottom, slowly brush off the excess loose powder on the face.


Blush can make your sex doll cheeks look more rosy, healthy and realistic. Pick a suitable blush color and use the blush brush, swiping diagonally down from the top of your cheekbones.


Use a small brush to apply powder to lips, slowly contouring for even distribution.

Note: Make sure your lips are clean and free of other powders before applying powder.


The role of eye shadow is to help deepen the eye contour and increase the visual size of the eye. In order to achieve a soft and natural effect, we need to do a test on the head of the doll first.

Choose an eyeshadow that matches the skin tone of the doll. For example, sex dolls with darker skin, remember to avoid light colors when choosing eye shadows.

Determine the area to apply eye shadow. Usually the upper eyelid, lower eyelid, around the eyes and eye sockets, etc. Different areas are shaded differently.

Apply eyeshadow. First, take a light eyeshadow with a brush and apply it to the eye sockets. Then use a dark eye shadow to apply eye shadow from the root of the lashes. The eyeshadow is darkest near the root of the lashes and fades upwards. From dark to light, soft and natural. Adding subtle high light on the lids can achieve a change in color depth.

Note: If you get too much powder, you can shake it off by tapping the eyeshadow palette.

Apply eyeliner. Start with a thin line with a single full stroke using the eyeliner to make it as even as possible. Increase the thickness with additional strokes if necessary.


Before starting, dry the surface of the lashes and remove any glue that may have been present.

Figure out where on the eyelid you want to apply the lashes.

Apply a very thin layer of glue to the back of the lashes and carefully apply from one end to the other in the planned location.

Or be more careful. Do it in two steps, apply glue on the front half of the eyelid, stick one half first, then the other half.

Use the tweezers to keep some pressure on the entire eyelid and make sure it has the correct angle as it will dry in place within a minute.


  1. Use a sheet of paper about the width of your eye. Slide it over the eyeball, under the eyelid. It protects the eyeball from accidental injury.
  2. It only needs a very small amount of glue to hold the lashes
  3. If you have clumsy fingers, use some tweezers to hold the eyelashes.


As for the nails, unless you’re very picky about it, it’s pretty straightforward. Choose a nail polish you like and apply it carefully on your sex doll’s fingernails. Usually nail polish bottles come with a built-in brush, so it works great.

Add a nice wig to your doll, and now you have a beautiful and sexy sex doll. Of course, if you still have some doubts, you can follow this sex doll makeup video tutorial to do more.


If you want your makeup to last longer, a common trick is to apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to “seal” the makeup area. After the doll makeup is done, apply a thin layer of Vaseline, being careful not to smudge the makeup, and leave it on for a few hours. This helps seal the makeup and soak it in the TPE.

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