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Sex Doll Body Options – A Guide to Sex Dolls Body Types 

Considering how expensive high-end lifelike sex dolls can get, it’s natural you want your love doll to be perfect. And as eye-dropping pre-made dolls can get, there’s always a chance they have a feature you may not like, which can negatively affect your experience.

To avoid such unpleasantries, ainodoll offers a solution – a full-body sex doll customization. That way, we want to ensure all our customers get the most out of their purchases and experience something magical when using their love dolls.

With Ainodoll, you’ll be able to customize every single detail of your sex doll, from small body type to eye color. All you need to do is send us the details. We’ll take care of the rest.

Before you get creative, however, we’d like to give a broader view of how our customization works. Mainly, which body parts are customizable, and what your body feature options are.

Learn how to customize the sex doll of your dreams and let her fulfill all your deepest desires.

What Body Parts Can I Customize?

All of them.

At Ainodoll, we allow you to customize your sex doll from top to bottom, bet it her body type, skin, breasts, vagina, or eye color. Let’s go through each option in more detail.

Body Type

Do you want your dream doll to be tall or short? Perhaps you’d prefer it to be thin rather than chubby? What about its breast and booty shape?

Whatever your preferences may be, we’ve got you covered.

You will be able to customize everything regarding your doll’s size, including height, body shape, breast size, and more. Renowned love doll manufacturers even allow customers to customize the arm position and waist width.

Skin Color

Once you decide what body type you want your doll to have, it’s time to pick her color. You have several options, as most manufacturers allow customers to adjust their dolls’ skin tone freely.

Of course, we’re not talking about turning your sex doll green or blue. We refer here to standard ‘human’ colors, such as white, light brown, or dark brown.

Also, keep in mind that various sex doll manufacturers use different names for their dolls’ skin tones, so be sure you use the correct name when making your order.

Wig and Hair Color

Some prefer blondes. Others prefer brunettes. That’s how the world has always been and always will be.

And since dolls can’t grow hair, it’s up to you to customize it and pick the wig you believe will suit your custom doll best. Depending on the manufacturer, you should be able to pick the doll’s hair color, length, type, etc.

You may even choose several different wigs and change them. The possibilities are endless here.

Eye Color

Eye color may not seem like a significant feature, but it can completely change the overall look of your sex doll. The best thing about sex dolls is that they come with removable eyes, meaning you purchase several sets of eyes for your doll and change them as you see fit.


You can have a lot of fun with your doll’s breasts, even when customizing them. You can pick their size and shape, even the color and size of the areolas (the rounded area surrounding the nipples).

However, the most significant choice is picking between solid, hollow, and gel-filled breasts.

  • Solid breasts are filled with TPE or silicone (more on that in a moment). They are more solid, which allows them to maintain their shape. They are not as realistic in touch, though.
  • Hollow breasts, on the other hand, have no solid mass inside. That makes them squishier and lighter, making them a perfect choice for a doll with larger boobs.
  • Gel-filled breasts are made of gel implants. They are typically used in high-end dolls as they provide the most realistic feel and look.


Once you get the upper body of your doll sorted out, it’s time to pick your doll’s vagina. And since the vagina is the most intimate part of your doll, it’s a huge call to make, so let’s dive straight in (no pun intended).

When customizing your doll’s vagina, you stand in front of two options – fixed or insert vagina. Let’s cover them in more detail.

The fixed vagina is permanently molded into the sex doll’s body. It’s pre-installed, meaning you won’t be able to remove, replace, or adjust it later on.

Its most significant advantage is that it mimics a human vagina more realistically, both in terms of looks and overall feel. It will also allow you to adjust its width through the doll’s leg position, which only adds more realism to your experience.

It is more difficult to clean and maintain, though.

Now to the insert vagina. Simply put, it’s a vagina you can remove and replace as you like. On top of that, it comes in various sizes, and you may even be tempted to purchase several ones depending on what you wish to experience. It’s also much easier to clean and maintain than a fixed vagina.

It is, however, less realistic. Its design looks more artificial, while the inside feeling isn’t as real-like compared to a fixed option.


Staying down in the private parts of your doll, let’s talk about your options for customizing her vagina. Choosing its type is only the beginning. The next thing to pick is the color of your doll’s labia.

When it comes to that, the best approach is to color the labia the same tone as the nipples. First, it will look more realistic. And second, you’ll make the sculptor’s life much easier and likely get your doll made faster.

Pubic Hair

Bush or no bush? To each his own, but the good news is that sex doll manufacturers offer you a choice regarding your custom doll’s pubic hair.

You can decide whether you want your doll to be clean-shaven down there or include some hair. Hair certainly does add a level of realism to the doll, and you can pick what color and length you want the doll’s pubic hair to be.

If you decide on the hairy vagina, you need to pick how you want the hair to be fitted. Some manufacturers will plug the hair into the doll’s skin. It’s more realistic, but it also means you won’t be able to adjust it later.

Another option is having the hair glued. It’s less realistic, but you can adjust it whenever you like.


Finally, it’s time to channel your inner Quentin Tarantino and have some fun with your sex doll’s feet. At this stage, we refer to customizing them, of course.

You have two options here. You can either decide on standing or non-standing feet.

The first option will allow your doll to, well, stand. It will make the doll more universal, as you will be able to not only have standing sex with it but also use it for photography.

The downside here is that it involves metal bolts protruding from the lower surface of the doll’s feet. These allow the love doll to stand, but they are visible, which can affect the experience, especially if you have a foot fetish.

As for non-standing feet, they won’t allow your doll to stand. On the other hand, this type of doll’s feet is more flexible and suitable for foot lovers.

Additional Features

These are the main sex doll body options you can customize. What about less significant features, a mouth or nose, for example?

Well, that will depend on the manufacturer, but when buying from a top-quality brand, you should be able to customize such features as well.

Besides body parts, you can also equip your doll with some additional accessories, such as:

  • built-in heating,
  • shrugging shoulders,
  • enhanced mouth,
  • or penis attachment.

These will, of course, cost you a bit extra, but they can significantly enhance the experience. Trust us on this one.

Silicon Sex Dolls vs. TPE Sex Dolls

We haven’t talked about your doll’s material yet, but it’s another crucial decision to make. When ordering from Ainodoll, you can either opt for a silicone or TPE love doll. Which one you pick will have a massive impact on your overall experience, so give it some thought.

In general, silicone sex dolls are more durable than TPE dolls. They are also easier to clean and maintain.

What are silicone’s cons? First, silicone dolls are more expensive as the material is of higher quality. And secondly, because silicone is more durable, it’s also a bit harder, which makes it less realistic in terms of touch.

TPE dolls are made of thermoplastic rubber, a material that is softer to the touch than silicone and, therefore, more realistic. It’s also more elastic, which makes it easier to mold.

It is, however, less durable and more difficult to clean. And while these two factors make it less expensive, you may find it more challenging to maintain your doll in top-notch shape.

How to Customize My Love Doll?

Now that you know your sex doll body options let’s put that theory to practice and create the custom doll of your dreams. Here’s how to do it through our store:

  1. Head to our ‘Custom Doll Order’ page – click here.
  2. Choose either the ‘Full Sex Doll’ or ‘Head Only’ option.
  3. Type in all the details of your doll into the frame. Send us the pictures, detailed measurements, and features you want us to include.
  4. Click on ‘Add to the Cart’ and finish your order. You can pay us immediately or postpone your payment with our payment plan.
  5. Complete your order and wait as we prepare your beautiful doll. Once she’s done, we will ship her to you for free in discreet packaging.

As for how long it will take us to finish your order, the waiting period is typically 2-3 months. This period will depend on the complexity of your order.

Get Your Custom Sex Doll Today

And there you have it, our guide to sex doll body options. As you can see, even customizing your love doll grants lots of fun. However, as entertaining as it is, it’s also very important if you want to get the most out of your sex doll experience.

That said, be sure you take every single detail of your doll into consideration when ordering it. Think about the features you want to include and paint a picture in your head of how you wish your doll to look.

Also, be sure you get your measurements right. While we will show you the result of each stage’s progress, any changes to your project will extend the production.

The girl of your dreams is within your grasp. The only thing that’s left is to reach for her.

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